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Why do you need a sitemap? A sitemap is important because it allows search engines like Google and Bing to navigate and understand your website. It helps with SEO and allows bots to be able to read the content easier on your website. There are many reasons why you NEED a sitemap. Some are more […]

Why you need to plan out your website with a sitemap

Why the name of your business is important? Coming up with a unique and memorable name for your business is important because it is the first impression a customer gets from you. It can really set the tone and expectations right from the beginning. Are you feeling lost and come up empty on what to […]


I know you have heard of the word “brand” before, and most likely the words “branding” and “brand identity” too. These 3 “B” words are closely related but not the same. But do you know the difference? They all have to work together. Put it this way, you can’t have a brand until you start […]

Brand identity system

Hiring a graphic designer on a monthly retainer agreement could solve the majority of your business design problems. What is a retainer agreement? A graphic design retainer is basically a monthly agreement between you and a professional designer. You are hiring the designer for a certain number of hours/projects for a preset fee (a retainer […]

Monthly graphic design retainer flow chart

Having a professional on brand photoshoot doesn’t have to be super complicated and I am going to break it down for you so can have a smooth successful photo session that is on brand – Which will create consistency, trustability, and necessary visual content for your brand.

Brand Photography

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